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Multi mode tap heads

Multi mode tap heads

New tap and shower heads. These tap heads will blow your mind and the dirt off your dishes in the most convenient and manoiuverable way yet.


We also have to mention they are on a swivel head that allows a 360° spray arc that makes even the most cramped sinks a joy to wash in.


With a multitude of options included with each tap head to suite any spout, old or new, you will be able to attach this amazing piece of watery magic to your sink for many hassle free washes.


If you thought the tap heads were good I will blow your mind with how amazing these shower heads are. Imagine for a second that your




    These 2 model tap heads have the single jet stream you are used to but also have a switch that changes the flow to a more gentle and wide coverage spray allowing for a faster but more thorough wash,


    If you wish to return your product for any reason please contact our sales team at who can organise a refund if applicable.


    Shipping by Australia Post nationwide

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